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The Breakthrough Moment In My Creative Career

February 22nd, 2023

The Breakthrough Moment In My Creative Career

Dear Beautiful,

Would you like to hear the story of how I started Make It Beautiful?

It’s all about the journey, right?

Like most artists, I've always been drawn...get it?...drawn lol. Anyway, I grew up loving vibrant colors. Some of my favorite childhood gifts involved Lisa Frank and neon erasable drawing pads. I began my career primarily working in the community, which guided my inspiration to retreat and connect in silence more often. I realized how busy things seemed all the time and how fast people were moving. Were we missing something? That's what I wondered on my rides into work.

One day, I decided to have lunch at one of my favorite parks. As I sat in my usual patch of grass by the lake, I took off my shoes. I placed my feet gently upon the grass and suddenly, I felt nourished. Unexplainably, I looked up at the sun and down at the ground. Everything we need was right there...what's the rush? I saw peace. I felt bliss. I realized that Paradise is always and in all ways here. It is just waiting to be chosen.

Inspired, I went home and painted. I had never painted before this moment. It looked like a blob of color thrown on a board. I had no idea where things were going, but I felt the need to TRUST. I had to make another choice without knowing why, how or what. So, I did. I took a step and then another. Nothing specific, just having the desire and sharing it with the world...and you've welcomed me with open arms.
You may be wondering, ok great, but how rich are you? Well,

I am as rich as you are.

Thank you for listening.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing this story with you, and I sincerely hope it encouraged you to make something beautiful today.
Please share any comments or questions you have, I would really like to hear them!




October 22nd, 2019



There was something calling me. Away I went into the darkness as a trail of light lit the path. Something was happening inside me.

I could feel everything. . .

My heartbeat was racing as I matched the rhythm. After a while it became natural.

In the darkness lied everything and I could feel everything....

Awakened by her mercy I was covered. The very nature of our connection defined existence, but who am I?

I cried. deeply. I felt everything.

As the moon reflected the notions of my heart, I began again...and became everything.